Monday, January 4, 2016

It's a New Day, a New Year...

The new year always brings out the posts about new years resolutions and goals.

As I have made my mental list of what I'd like to do better with this year, one of the obvious is to get more organized. As I think about this in my own life I reference just about every home improvement magazine out there. You can bet that in every January issue of every magazine there is at least one article if not the whole issue dedicated to being a better organizer. Why is this? Why do we wait until the beginning of a new year to dedicate ourselves to being a better organizer?  My best guess is that after the Holidays, with new toys, new clothes, new books and new jewelry (pffft!) we have too much stuff (some might say baggage)
and either need to get rid of the old or need to incorporate the old and the new and make it all fit.

Do you feel a metaphor coming on?

As a support group, we leaned on each other heavily through the holidays when matters were tense at home and we expressed our desire to have things be better. We hope for them, we wish for them, we plan for them and pray for them to be better. We expressed our new years resolutions to have more love in our hearts, to show more love, to be less jealous (a big one!) when our husbands seem to side with his own children over his own wife. We're not asking for the moon here... We just want peace and harmony in our home and in our marriages.

Blending a family takes work. Real down-and-dirty-put-on-your-yellow-rubber-gloves work. New Years resolutions are work Yo! Goals of any kind are work, but they are SOOOO worth it.

I just hope that our new years goals don't fizzle out as quickly as the new gym membership does, starting with me.

Some of my personal goals for 2016 are 1. (the obvious) Be more organized. So I'm going to try a new system. 2. Get out of debt (who doesn't have that goal?) 3. To go on vacation. (does that negate #2?) and 4. Be a better wife and mother. (I think #3 will help with that. Honest.) 5. Stop swearing. (Already broke this one. Starting over now.)

(THERE! Written down! GOAL! Not a wish.)

What are your goals for the New Year? How are you going to keep them?

No seriously, I want to know.


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