Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Open Letter to my Kids' Step Mom

Recently I saw a video of a blended family that made my heart sing. It's about as ideal a situation that could exist in a blended family. It inspired me and I thought I'd write an open letter to my ex husbands new wife.

Dear Step Mom,

My kids love you and that's all I need. You must be a good person because my kids have no complaints --yet.
Please love them back. Please get to know them. Please let them into your heart. Please love them like your own.
They are easy to love. They are funny, intelligent, sweet, and loving. They are also stubborn, sometimes lazy and sometimes difficult, but mostly when they are tired or hungry or have pent up emotion.
Please accept them as they are.
They are half me and half their dad. The man you married. Love them.
If I were suddenly taken from this earth, you'd be their full time mom. I hope and pray that that never happens, but I also hope and pray that if it does, you'll be everything they need until we're reunited.
 I hope and pray that while they visit you and their dad that you'll be a good example of what a good woman and mom can and should be. I hope and pray that you are an example of values that will take them places in this life. Good places. I hope and pray that you love them in a way that shows them that they are lovable, valued and worthy of love. Please don't set them aside. Please don't love them any less than your own children. They are yours too. We are their parents.
They are lucky. They have two sets of parents.
Divorce is ugly, but God can consecrate bad things in our lives and one way he has done this is to give some children and extra set of parents. More people to love them and help raise them and support them in this old world.
My kids love you.
And so can I.

Here's the video that inspired me. I hope it inspires you too.

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