Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let me sum up...

Let me explain blending families. No, there is too much...

Waaayyyyy too much.

Our Church just put out an article that was really good.  It was one couples story about blending their families after they each divorced. There's wasn't a Brady Bunch scripted story either. It didn't delve into the dirty details either--which is good I suppose.

Remarriage: An Adventure in Patience and Love

The author lives in Norway.
Blending families requires twice as much patience. But it can also create twice as much love.
blended family
Divorce was never a part of my vocabulary until it actually happened to me. For a long time I felt the embarrassing downside of the word every time I was asked about my marital status. “I’m divorced.” It was as if I could hardly say the words out loud—as if I were saying bad words.
Nevertheless, it was where I was in life, and I had a hard time fitting in. “You’ll find someone,” my friends would say. But I was not interested and had no desire to remarry. My four children kept me busy enough.