Friday, April 15, 2016

Is my partner a narcissist? part 4

Does your partner seem more concerned about how your behavior or your children’s behavior reflects on him or her than on understanding and accepting who you and the kids are as people?

One word: Restaurant

We can't go without husband having a melt down because, well,
kids are kids. Don't get me wrong, they aren't screaming, running around and swinging from the chandeliers, but they may as well be if they don't act perfectly. I don't know about yours, but my kids aren't perfect.

 His are (when he deems them so.)

But mine aren't. 

As many times as he's threatened to "never go to another restaurant" you'd think we would never have returned to another.

That's the worst of it though that I can think of, but he always has an eye roll or negative comment about my kids (remember his are perfect) when we are in a public place, but I think restaurants are the worst.


Does your partner seem to be out of touch with his or her own feelings or seem to deny them?

He has said a number of times that he "doesn't even know what he's feeling" which I understand and get if he were interested at all in trying to figure them out. What usually happens instead is that he usually masks what he's feeling and takes it out on everybody in closest proximity. Wife and kids. 

Evading feelings is prevalent. It's a virtual "serpentine!" and duck and cover with him.  
It's frustrating and exhausting.


Narcissism stems from a low self image/esteem/confidence and I get that but then in an effort to hide their hurt, they puff up to cover up. And in all honesty, we can all do this on some level. When this leads to much unhappiness, it becomes a problem.

 Coming from a spiritual perspective, this is called pride. Unrighteous pride. So I think that's why Sunday is such a nice reprieve. And not just Sunday, but every day where there are moments when The Spirit teaches and softens, strengthens and combats pride.

 Thank Goodness for those moments.

Thank Goodness.

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